Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Went to the movie Amelia last night. I have always had an interest in her story. This movie was on her life and not just centered around the tragic 1937 flight. I liked the movie but again I have an interest in her story. Ok, what does this have to do with a kilt. Well nothing really other than I wore my tan Alphakilt. I attended the late show so not many people in the theater. I did get a number of giggles from ladies of various ages. I have had that happen before but this time a little more than normal. I wonder if I would have gotten the same reaction in a more traditional tartan kilt. Maybe time for an experiment. Go back to the same theater next week, same time, wearing a traditional tartan kilt and see what happens. If I don't get busy with something else I will consider doing this next week. On Tuesday nights this theater has reduced ticket prices so it is a good night to go.

For others out there reading this blog what have been your experience with reactions to contemporary kilts vs the more traditional tartan?

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