Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kilt Pants – I don’t think so

This goes in the “kilt don’t” column. See this article from the "thestar online". Someone suggested guys should layer the bottom half of their wardrobe by wearing a kilt over pants. This is just the ticket for guys that want to wear a kilt but don’t have the balls to actually do so. I am not sure if this design results from the fear some guys with have with wearing anything that looks like a skirt. Maybe they think the pants cancel out the skirt so it is ok. Or maybe this is from the latest sin that a guy can not show any leg and heaven forbid if they wear anything tight above the knee.

If you want variety in what you wear then get a real kilt and wear it with pride. If you are a wimp then stick with just pants. This kilt-pants thing should only be worn by guys that have a sign on their forehead that confirms they are a wimp.

If you disagree feel free to post a comment. Comments are moderated but I do approve opposing opinions.

Kilt on!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dinner Kilt

This year I had a couple of Christmas dinners to attend. Now that I have the dark green Stillwater heavyweight kilt I thought I would put together a Christmas look and that would be what I would wear to the dinners. It has worked out well. Of course I would be the only one in a kilt. I had a red shirt and a Christmas tie. For one dinner I wore red kilt socks and dark green for the other. I added some red tree ornaments that say "Ho Ho Ho" to the front of the sporran. They kind of drove me nuts as they make noise when you walk but for a couple of dinners I can put up with them. One lady, that I know, said she could see my balls and I had three of them. At first I was a little concerned but then realized she was speaking of the decorations.

At the first dinner of about 200 in attendance I was in the door about 30 seconds when an older lady asked what was under the kilt. Ok, now that we have that question out of they way the evening can proceed. One of the club officials said he liked the kilt but would not have had the guts to wear it himself. One of the members wanted to make sure I stopped by his table. I had never met his wife so he wanted to make sure she saw the kilt before I left. The kilt added some fun to the event.

The second dinner was much smaller with 25 in attendance. The club president wanted to make sure he got a picture. One of the wives asked if there was an event going on where I had to wearing a kilt. Well maybe the club Christmas dinner?? Did not know I needed a special event to be in town before I could wear a kilt. Overall a great dinner and we had a good time. Will do it again next year.

WCARA Christmas Dinner 2009

Father Sons and Friends Fan Appreciation Concert

I finally got around to downloading this picture from the camera.  I attended the Father Sons and Friends fan appreciation concert the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The show was in Tipp City, Ohio. This was their eight appreciation concert and unfortunately the last one. They may do another in a few years but for now this is it. I guess the only way to see them now is at Celtic fests and such. They put on a good show and it is a lot of fun.

This year I wore my dark green Stillwater Heavyweight kilt. At least it was warmer than last year. I don't think they heat that building. Last year I wore a light weight PV kilt and man was it cold. I think it was in the 20's (F) that night. There were a few others in kilts that night.

Father Sons and Friends

Friday, December 11, 2009

Growing Popularity of Kilts

I found this link about the growing popularity of kilts. While this article is from the UK it also follows on this side of the pond. I have noticed an increase in kilts in the US. Maybe not so much everyday but they have grown at Celtic fests, renaissance fairs and such. There is also a growing membership on kilt related web discussion sites. The kilts are out there and we just need to get men to realize they can wear them anywhere and not just at the Celtic fests.