Friday, May 21, 2010

Kilts on a regular basis has its advantages

I frequent a local restaurant a couple of times a week. At least once a week I wear my kilt. That is normally on Friday evening. The staff on Friday appear to be the same ones every week for the most part. There are two that take a particular interest in the kilt. I got one of them tonight as my waitress. The other stopped by and and thanked me for wearing the kilt as she liked it. It appears she likes the USAKilt American Heritage tartan the best which is what I had on tonight. Wore it with a red shirt, black kilt hose, and red flashes. Tonight the kilt got more comments and looks from patrons than in the past. I did get a couple of "where is the bag pipe" questions. I guess that is better than the "other" question.

As I was finishing both of the young ladies walked up to me. I knew I was about to be asked something so for a few seconds I had to wait in suspense until they asked. You get that "oh crap they are going to ask me some thing" feeling. Turned out to be a simple question. They asked about tartan associations. Ok, simple enough, and I hope I answered them to their satisfaction and correctly.

When you wear a kilt on a regular basis the staff starts to know you and they feel more comfortable asking questions and making comments.

Tonight's experience was a good start to the weekend. I think this will be a good one.

Kilt ON!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kilt + Convention

Over the weekend I attended an annual convention I have been going to for a number of years. In the past I always wore pants and never considered mixing a kilt into the convention until this year. Some of this group know I wear kilts but many have never seen me in one. This year that all changed. I wore a kilt, either a traditional or a contemporary, for the entire weekend. The result? I think it was positive. Only one vendor booth I passed generated a few laughs from the guys staffing the booth. They were speaking with an accent that I could not identify. Got some smiles from the ladies. In one case the lady was a piper. I had on a USAKilts semi-traditional at the time. She was looking for a lighter weight kilt for summer as all of hers were 16 oz wool. I pointed her to USAKilts for a PV semi-traditional. She did not know they made kilts out of PV (poly-viscose). For the contemporary kilts a few asked if I had on a Utilikilt. No, mine are are from Alphakilt. Two guys that asked if I had a Utilikilt were considering getting one or someone in their family was looking at them. Got a couple of "under the kilt" questions or comments.

As for others in a kilt, not this year. In the past there was someone from Florida that wore a kilt to the convention. Have not seen him for a couple of years.

I think I will make the kilt a standard form of dress at this convention going forward. Maybe some of the others that talked about the Utilikilt will bring theirs next year. If I can do it so can they.

Kilt On!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saw Another Kilt!

I was driving home from a friends place this morning. Much to my surprise a young man walking down the sidewalk was wearing a black Utilikilt. He was walking with a young woman in my direction. It had been raining this morning so he was carrying a long umbrella. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong lane to pull into a parking lot. I would have liked to talk to him to see how often he wear the kilt and if he belongs to any of the kilt discussion groups. It is nice to see someone else in a kilt. Normally around here you see plenty of kilts at Celtic fests, St. Patty's day, etc. These guys just don't have the guts to wear one when they can't attach some excuse to doing so.

Changing topics. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Geocaching. The local Geocaching group is having a picnic. Unfortunately it is going to be raining so I hope the shelter is large enough to keep us dry. As usual I will be wearing one of my contemporary kilts. Not sure which one but I will have one of them. I even have a new t-shirt. It reads "Real men cache in kilts". Shows a cartoon drawing of a man in kilt next to a Geocach ammo can.