Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loan Raven Band

My city has a free concert on Sunday nights at the city's outdoor amphitheater.  I never pay much attention to those.  Today a friend of mine called to let me know there was a Celtic band called "Loan Raven" playing tonight ( ).  Never heard of them but I had nothing special to do tonight so I attended the concert.  Wow!  They were fantastic.  Based out of Columbus, Ohio they have played at various placed in the area but I have just never ran into them.  I sure hope the city invites them back next year.  I will have to keep my eye open for them playing at any Celtic Festivals I attend going forward. 
Of course I wore my kilt.  It was the USAKilt semi-tradition in the American Tradition tartan.   Of course I was the only one in a kilt.  I was also one of the younger members of the audience.  I think the average age attending was somewhere around 95.  Someone asked it I was associated with the band.  Another asked if I was playing the bagpipes that night.  After the show I had to stop at the grocery.  The cashier commented on Scottish neighbors that lived next door to here years ago. 
Over all it was a great evening.  I should take more notice of the city's concert series next year.  This was the last show of the season. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is under the Kilt

I have on occasion been asked what is under the kilt. Now what would happen if I asked a lady that question about her skirt? We can never tell you what is really under there. But if a lady should ask here are a few possible answers:

How badly do you want to know?
How warm are you hands?
Good girls don't ask, bad girls find out
A little later lipstick I hope
Play your cards right and you can find out.
Tell me madam, would you go jogging without a bra? If so, where do you jog and when?
Sorry, I'm a bit shy and not much good with words. Give me your hand...
Talcum powder
Bagpipes, wanna give 'em a blow?
It's the smallest airport in the world... 2 hangers and a night fighter
What is there won first prize.
Shoes and socks
A rope....I had to tie it up so it didn't hang below the kilt
What God graced me with
Nothing is worn, everything is in perfect working order

Now should a man ask:

Same as you only bigger
Your wife's/sister's/girlfriend's/mother's lipstick

Out and about today

Had to run a few errands this afternoon.  While waiting for paint to be mixed I noticed a little boy looking at me.  I was in my Alphakilt and that got his attention.  Not sure if he questioned his dad about what I had on.  I don't think he did at least while I was standing there.  We were both waiting for paint.  I am sure the boy had a question or two about the kilt.  I never know if I should initiate a conversation in this case or just keep my mouth shut. 
A while back I was in line at an auto parts store.  In front of me was a little boy with his dad.  The boy was looking at the kilt.  His dad spoke up and asked the boy if he knew what I was wearing.  He told his son that was a kilt.  I don't remember which kilt I had on that day.  Then the dad looked at me and said "I could tell my son was about to ask me why that man was wearing a skirt.  I thought I had better speak up first." 
I was picking up a package at UPS.  I had to sign something for it.  It was early summer and they had some young high school or maybe early college kids working there.   While I was signing for the box one of the young guys walked up to the counter.  There was no business reason for that young man to be there.  He had a look on his face that he wanted to ask me something about the kilt.  I had on my American Tradition kilt from USAkilts.  I should have said something in that case. 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Current Kilts

Kilts I currently own:
  1. Denim kilt from Union Kilts in the UK
  2. Irish National tartan acrylic standard kilt from Stillwater Kilts (Richfield, MN)
  3. Day kilt (tan solid color) from Celtic Corners (Cincinnati, OH)
  4. Semi-traditional American Tradition tartan from USAkilts (PA)
  5. Glasgow contemporary box pleat kilt from AlphaKilts (Indianapolis, IN)
  6. Compass contemporary knife pleat kilt from AlphaKilts (Indianapolis, IN)
  7. Utilikilt original contemporary kilt in black
  8. Heavy Duck Cotton kilt in olive green I got off of an Ebay vendor. 
  9. Clasic Forest Green contemporary kilt from Amerikilt
As for my favorite in the above list?  I like the day kilt from Celtic Corners in the summer.  It is light weight.   For the more traditional look I go for the American Tradition kilt.  I wear this in a casual mode, i.e. socks pushed down and wearing boots.   I also wear this more traditional for dinner outings with the kilt socks up and regular shoes.   The Utilikilt is a general knock around kilt around the house.  I wear the Amerikilt and the Utilikilt for Geocaching.  When it gets a little cooler outside I will start to wear the Alphakilts for general errands and outings.   The AlphaKilts are by far the best contemporary kilts I own. 
Kilts I want:
  1. A leather kilt.  I will probabaly get the one from Union Kilts out of the UK
  2. A 16-oz 8-yard wool kilt.  I actualy have one on order via the Brotherhood of the Kilt.  They had a special order made in that group's tartan.  It should be here soon.
  3. A mini-kilt.....with a young lady in it.

Kilted in a Pants World

First post in a new blog. Where do we start? Obviously from the title kilts will enter in the discussion at some point. Well ok, just about all of the posts will have something to do with kilts.

I like kilts. I like the Celtic culture. Ok I like Celtic culture but why wear the kilt? Why not just get some kilt pictures and hang them on the wall. Why not wear them? They are a MAN's garment. It is just western society has tired to lock in a "skirt" type anything to be woman's dress only. Sorry I don't buy it. If women wore only skirts well maybe I could accept that. While the kilt is technically a skirt it is historically recognized as a man's garment and designed for a man's body.

Well, then, only a Scott can wear it. If so, they I say only someone with ancestors from the western USA can wear jeans. By the way it was the Highland Scotts that originally wore the kilt. Not the lowland Scotts. Today the kilt is associated with all of the Celtic lands. I think this occured following the repeal of the Highland Act in the late 1700's. In addition when England unified all the areas that make up the UK today they adopted much of the traditions of those areas. The British flag for example has an "X" in it. Why? That comes from the Scottish flag. The kilt was also adopted in British culture. If you feel more comfortable knowing you have some ancestry connection to the kilt it would appear to me that Scottish, or any of the Celtic lands would be fair game. This also includes those of English ancestry. Personally don't worry about it. As we have said before, the kilt is a man's garment. That is all that is necessary.

Just to be mean I will toss this in. If I wanted to dress as a girl I would wear blue jeans.

Another reason for the kilt. Maybe men just need an alternative to wearing just pants. Maybe I don't like pants.

This blog will cover my experiences in wearing a kilt as everyday wear and not as a costume you might just see in a parade.

I have been wearing the kilt for at least two years. While I would never claim to be someone that would wear the kilt 100% of the time I could see myself wearing one maybe 50 to 75% of the time. Unfortunately work gets in the way since dress code spells out trousers for men. That is the limiting factor today.

Since I just started this blog I may talk about some situations that occurred in the past.

Just remember: Real Men Wear Kilts!!!