Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kilt Update for May

I have not written anything for a while. Thought I would throw out an update of latest kilted adventures. Last weekend was a big ham radio convention in Dayton. Last year was the first year I attended in a kilt. I guess now the kilt will be the traditional dress of the convention going forward. Last year I was the only one to attend in a kilt. This year a friend of mine from the northern Ohio came down. He had his Utilikilt so there were two of us with kilts. A couple of positive comments. One guy asked about the solid color kilt. I had on one of my contemporary kilts. He had never heard of them. Another commented on wearing a kilt once for a wedding. I am sure there are others that have kilts that attend this show. Just need to convince them to wear it for the weekend.

I have written before about the two ladies that work at one of the local restaurants I frequent. One departed before Easter and the other has now finished school and is moving out of the area. Thursday was her last day and I made sure I was there. She sat down at my table for a while and we talked about her plans going forward. She even invited me to an open house at her school the day before graduation exercises. Yep, power of the kilt. This would have never had happened if it had not been for the kilt. I am going to miss her. Now that both servers are gone that place won't be the same. The young guy that escorts customers to the table asked if I would be coming back now that those two are gone. Sure I told him. I will be back but this place won't be the same. This young guy has asked a lot of questions about the kilt but then says he could not give up his pants. Hey kid, try it for a week you won't go back to pants.

Today there was a festival at one of the parks. For some reason I have never heard of this festival. Apparently it has been going on for a number of years. Guess I just never paid any attention. I wore my American Heritage kilt. One lady asked what clan it was from. I think she was disappointed when I told her it was not affiliated with a clan. I overheard another lady tell her very young daughter that I was wearing a "Scottish skirt for a man called a kilt". I guess the little girl asked why there was a guy in a skirt. Ran across another lady that went on a tour of Scotland with one of the local Celtic bands I follow. Other than that no other comments that I was aware of. Another item to note, not kilt related, but I did not see anyone I knew. The paper indicated attendance was expected to be about 12,000. I am glad I had on the kilt. It was 90 degrees today. Those guys in long jeans had to be uncomfortable.

So for all of you with kilts in the closet put them on and go out and have some fun.