Saturday, August 7, 2010

Celtic Activities in Full Swing

Last weekend was the Dayton Celtic Fest. It ran Friday night through Sunday. This is a free event to the public and very well attended. They had three stages setup and music playing all the time. Gaelic Storm was there along with local bands such as "Father, Sons and Friends" and "Dulahan". A new group, first time in Ohio, to attend was "The Rovers" out of Maryland. I missed last year so I made sure I attended this year. I was there all three days. I had a very good time. I think there were more kilts there this year then when I attended year before last. Most were contemporary kilts such as the Utilikilt. Utilikilt had a booth as did Got Kilt. What I like about having Utilikilt there is I get a chance to examine the various kilts they sell in person. I am not in the market for one at the moment but I made some mental notes for when I am ready for another Utilikilt. I will make sure I keep the calendar free for next year's show.

This weekend is the Dublin Irish Fest in Dublin, Ohio (Columbus). I did not make this year's show. This show is larger than Dayton. It is also well worth attending.

If you have a Celtic fest in your area try to attend and listen to the bands. You will have a good time. Don't forget to wear the kilt!

Today was also the British Car Show in Eastwood Lake Park in Dayton. I attended the show today. There were around 400 cars on display. This is one of the best British car shows in the area but you never hear anything about it on the news. I found out about it by accident last year looking through the park directory for summer activities. Saw a listing for the car show. Surprised me as I had never heard of it. I attended last year and was surprised at the number of cars entered. Being a British show you have the normal MG, Jag, Morris, etc on display. I enjoy the display of the original Mini's. I was the only one in a kilt that I could see. Last year there were a couple of us in kilts.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store. I heard a lady behind me say "I wanted to go to Scotland and now Scotland comes to me". I turned around and had a nice chat with a lady that wants to tour Scotland. I had on my "good girls don't ask" t-shirt. That t-shirt is a good ice breaker too.