Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kilt Power

Those of us that wear kilts on a regular basis refer to something called "the power of the kilt". This results from increased interaction with people around us. Most of this is positive but on rare occasions it can be negative. The positive interactions is what I remember the most. Some spouses find this intimidating and that leads to "I like kilts, but not on my man". Spouse negativity toward the kilt has been discussed on other kilt blogs and I am not going there on this post. Someday I get around to doing a post on this subject as I have some experience with the subject. This post is about the fun I have been having with "the power of the kilt" this summer.

I have not posted much this summer. Something always gets in the way and now we are the down hill drag into winter. Yes, today's high where I am will be 80F but the way time flies I had better figure out where my snow shovel is hiding.

I eat out a lot being single again. One of the places I frequent is a chain restaurant common in Ohio. I have gone there for years and about two years ago started to wear the kilt. The waitress staff are mostly college age young ladies that come an go fairly frequently. There are a few that are a few years older and have been around for while. I am older than all of them and for the most part I am probably the same age as their father. Because of the age difference I would never consider trying to get to know any of them any better. This is an advantage as I don't have to consider playing the dating game which I was never very good at anyway. I can go in, have some fun, and then get back to regular scheduled living.

There is on particular lady that caught my attention back before the kilt days. She was always busy, knew what she was doing, and made you feel good that you came in that day. She is older than the college age group. I would put her age at 30. When I started to wear the kilt she took a particular interest in them. Her and one other. This place has a hostess that takes you to the table. I noticed this one hostess would always take me to one of the two. I don't know if this was my imagination or if they said something to her. That hostess is now gone I ended up back to the luck of the draw. I thought what the heck I am going to ask for one of the two if I see them on the floor when I walk in the door.

Went in one day and the one I like commented that she was going to get some grief from one of the other waitresses. Turns out one of the girls likes a band where the guys wear kilts. She is looking to get one for her boyfriend. I think she is a new employee so that now makes three waitresses that like the kilt. The new one noticed I get the other waitress most of the time. She made a comment about the other waitress getting the "kilt guy" the last time. Another waitress commented that they were fighting over me in the back. So now, to keep the peace, I ask for those two and alternate between them each week. The third lady is now gone or else she leaves before I get there. I am not coming in as early as I use to. I go there once a week now. I think they are looking for me now as I come in on the same day of the week. I tried another day of the week and neither of them was working that night. I have no idea what there schedule is I have not asked.

Eventually one or both of these ladies will move on to other jobs so I am enjoying this while it lasts. Sure, the girls know how to work me for a better tip which they get. Some of this could be that but I think they enjoy my visit. Something different for them.

The bottom line is without the kilt none of this would have happened. So guys, get out the kilts and get out in the world.