Sunday, January 1, 2012

Latest Kilt Pin

I like to have a kilt pin on each one of my tartan kilts. Rather than buy a real kilt pin I look for things I can turn into a kilt pin. Something out of the ordinary. In an earlier post I have a picture of one I made out of a radio tube. For this one I used a Cadillac emblem that was on a necklace. Got the necklace off of Ebay. The kilt in the picture is a 13-oz wool traditional kilt from USAKIlts in the Pennsylvania tartan.

Caddy Kilt Pin, Made this kilt pin from a Caddy necklace emblem.

First Kilt for 2012

Despite wind gusts to 40 MPH I ran out for lunch. I guess this is the first kilt out the door for 2012. Denim kilt from Union Kilts. Happy kilting in 2012 everyone.