Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kilt Night Columbus Ohio

 We occasionally get together for what is called Kilt Night.  This is were a group of us in our kilts have dinner, go for drinks, or go for some other form of entertainment.  Last night took me to Columbus, Ohio for Kilt Night.  I have gone over there several times and we always have a good evening.  Normally there are three or of us.  Last night one guy came down from Cleveland and another new person from the Columbus area joined us.  We go to the The Pub Polaris on the north side of Columbus several times.  I don't know what it is about that place but we get more attention there then anywhere else.  During the evening we had several conversations with other patrons abut the kilt.  At this Pub the waiters all wear kilts so we are not unique from a kilt standpoint.  We are still somewhat unique in that not too may of the customers are in kilts.  We run into a few but on this night we were the only ones.

We were all standing around the bar and I noticed two ladies in a booth behind us.  One of the ladies got Jeff's attention and we must have spent an hour at their table.  They did not quite know what to think of the kilt. Must have had some impact for them to spend an hour with us. 

We found standing around the bar allows us to interact with others more than would be possible at a table.  This place was packed on a Friday night and many migrate to the bar area waiting for a table.

From an earlier visit to this establishment I had a photo similar to this one.  I made a 11" x 17" poster out of it with a Celtic Knot and some text about wearing a kilt.  I took copies to give to the guys that were in the original picture.  That poster was a hit.  It got passed around the staff.  Some of the girls in the photo were still working there.  I think that poster allowed us to making another picture. 

Without the kilt none of this would have taken place. 


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Saturday I attended a Geocache Meet-n-Greet event north of town. This is where a group of Geocachers meet for lunch/dinner and conversation. I always attend these wearing a kilt. I was the only one in a kilt at this event but I am not the only kilted Geocacher in the area. There are a couple of others but they were not in attendance at this event. The event was well attended as they normally are around this area. I always learn a few things when I attend one of these meeting. After lunch many of us went around Tipp City, OH looking for caches. I traveled with three other cachers. It was great spending the entire day kilted and doing something fun. Normally I would have been in one of my contemporary kilts when Geocaching but this time I went dressed a little better in my USAKilt American Tradition. I added about 12 new caches to my list of finds. Today I went after a more local cache and ran into two cachers from the Meet-n-Greet yesterday. They did not remember my Geocache name but they remember the kilt.  

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your a long way from home

Had some errands to run on Monday. Stopped for lunch and while standing in line a lady came up to me with an obvious Scottish accent. "Your a long way from home" she said. No, I am from the area but like the kilt and Celtic heritage. I think she was a little disappointed I was not actually from Scotland. She was from Edinburgh if I recall. We had a short conversation about Scotland.

Later another man asked if I was Irish. I have been asked that several times before. In one of my contemporary kilts of a solid color I can see how that may happen. I am not clear how prevalent kilts were with the Irish. I have heard that the Irish kilts were likely to be a solid color but I don't know the facts on that subject. I suspect kilts were mostly limited to the Irish that migrated from Scotland. Anyone attending Irish festivals in the area will see plenty of kilts. I think some people see that and assume kilts were more prevalent in Ireland then they actually were.

Another fine day in kilt.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Consignment Shop

Last month a coworker need assistance in picking up a grandfather clock he purchased from a consignment shop. Since I have a van he asked it I could haul it home for him. I was glad to do so. Scott knows I wear kilts but has never seen me in one. It was on the weekend and I wear my kilt almost 100% of the time on the weekend. I was not about to change back into p@nt$. When I got to the shop Scott got out of his car and was not surprised to see me in the kilt. "I knew you were going to wear that". In the store he was looking around to gauge the reaction of customers in the store. He said he did not note any strange looks. We got the clock to his house. As we pulled the thing out of the van into his garage I told him all the neighbors were going to ask him why a cross dresser was delivering a coffin. This clock was a more modern style. A nice looking clock. Laying on its side in the van it looked like a thin coffin.

Today I went back to the consignment shop. I have an entrance way with nothing in it. There use to be a small curio cabinet with a mirror on the wall. My ex took that and I never replaced it. I thought about that shop so went to see if they had anything like it. They did but it was priced too high. At the end of the month the price will drop by half so I will go back and see if they still have it.

I wore my American Tradition kilt. As I walked in a young couple was near the door. The husband looked at me with that "what the hell" look on his face. His wife also looked at me but with no real expression one way or the other. As I was walking around the store (this is big place) she would comment on something I was standing next to. He would question why she commented on that particular piece of furniture as I would assume it was not something they were looking for. Was she doing that because I was standing there? I could hardly keep a straight face trying not to notice. I would like to know what their conversation was like going home. It made me think of a comment Shawn added to one of my posts last month. He commented that he wanted to get a T-shirt that said: "Go ahead and stare, your girlfriend is." That sure fit the situation today.

Kilts are so much fun.

Response To Comments

Somehow I turned on the moderation requirement for comments.  I did not notice I had two comments to approve.   To answer a couple of questions in the comment under grocery shopping.  Larry A. asked about my location and the kilt that is in the thumbnail on this blog.  My location is Dayton, Ohio.  The kilt in the picture is from Celtic Corners in Cincinnati, Ohio  (  This is one of their "Day Kilts" Explorer version. It is a light weight kilt which is nice in the summer.  I sent them the photo and they included it in their 2009 catalog.  This is the link to the 2009 catalog:
They also make traditional wool kilts. 

I added to my list of blogs because there is a lot of information on this site. 

Thank you for the comments.

Kilt Blogs

I have started to collect a list of blogs about kilts. I found a few and I am sure there are many more. Here is the list I have so far. If anyone has any others add them to the comments.  
 (nice photos of kilts in action in Scotland)