Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your a long way from home

Had some errands to run on Monday. Stopped for lunch and while standing in line a lady came up to me with an obvious Scottish accent. "Your a long way from home" she said. No, I am from the area but like the kilt and Celtic heritage. I think she was a little disappointed I was not actually from Scotland. She was from Edinburgh if I recall. We had a short conversation about Scotland.

Later another man asked if I was Irish. I have been asked that several times before. In one of my contemporary kilts of a solid color I can see how that may happen. I am not clear how prevalent kilts were with the Irish. I have heard that the Irish kilts were likely to be a solid color but I don't know the facts on that subject. I suspect kilts were mostly limited to the Irish that migrated from Scotland. Anyone attending Irish festivals in the area will see plenty of kilts. I think some people see that and assume kilts were more prevalent in Ireland then they actually were.

Another fine day in kilt.

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