Sunday, October 11, 2009


Saturday I attended a Geocache Meet-n-Greet event north of town. This is where a group of Geocachers meet for lunch/dinner and conversation. I always attend these wearing a kilt. I was the only one in a kilt at this event but I am not the only kilted Geocacher in the area. There are a couple of others but they were not in attendance at this event. The event was well attended as they normally are around this area. I always learn a few things when I attend one of these meeting. After lunch many of us went around Tipp City, OH looking for caches. I traveled with three other cachers. It was great spending the entire day kilted and doing something fun. Normally I would have been in one of my contemporary kilts when Geocaching but this time I went dressed a little better in my USAKilt American Tradition. I added about 12 new caches to my list of finds. Today I went after a more local cache and ran into two cachers from the Meet-n-Greet yesterday. They did not remember my Geocache name but they remember the kilt.  

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