Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warming Up in Ohio

Apparently we had record temperatures in southwest Ohio today. It got up to 83F this afternoon. Even now at 11:30pm the outside temperature is 74F. Of course I took advantage of this. Heck, just last week it was in the 30's so bring on the heat! So for my kilts what does this mean? I now switch from the more traditional kilt format with wool kilt hose worn at the normal height to pushed down boot socks and hiking boots. Shirts go from long sleeve solid color shirts to short sleeve more casual and even t-shirts. Long sleeve shirts could be casual but all my winter purchases of long sleeve shirts came from Kohl's and they are of a dress shirt appearance. While I have tended to wear the more traditoinal tartan kilts during the past year I may find myself wearing my contemporary Alphakilt and the one from Celtic Corners (Cincinnati) more often. Of course warmer weather means a return to Geocaching so that will bring out the Amerikilt and Utililkilt.

Pictures are from last summer

On the way to Dayton Celtic Fest 2010


Sun EZ Sport CX

By the way, riding a recumbent bike in a kilt is NOT a good idea.

Happy kilting!