Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Made Electronic Related Kilt Pin

Having an interest in electronics I wanted a kilt pin that reflected that interest. Lacking finding anything I made one. Pulled a radio tube out of the junk box and attached a pin. The pin came from Jo Ann Fabric store. They come in a bag of ten. The pin is 1-1/4" long with a flat edge. Using JB Weld epoxy I glued the pin onto the glass tube. JB Weld should hold that as long as I don't scrap it up against a leg of a table. That would probably bust the glass. So now I have my electronic kilt pin.

Radio Tube Kilt Pin

Radio Tube Kilt Pin

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kilt surveys

From time to time I run across a survey about men wearing kilts. Many are biased based on the site posting the survey and/or how the question was asked. Sometimes the survey shows up on a web forum where you would not expect to find a discussion about kilts. Someone on another forum ran across this one. The web site is not one where I would have expected any discussion about kilts. This site is predominantly for women and I would expect few of them have any kilted men folk in the house. I found some of the comments interesting. I did not post a response myself.