Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another Year in a Kilt Blog

Came across another "wearing the kilt for a year" blog. He has a Facebook link as well as a web site. I have to disagree with his one statement on his Facebook wall post. He stated "‎7 days left of leg freedom before I make them wear a.kilt for 366. Eek." No, Darren, it is 7 days UNTIL you get leg freedom.

Kilt On!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tonight's Dinner Kilt

Went to dinner tonight at a local pub. I get the same young lady every time I go there. Today management put her on the other side so I was not at one of her tables. I got one of the other girls as my server. Much to my surprise Ashley came over to talk to me even thought I was not at her table. Power of the kilt dudes!

I did have on a Sporran when I went out. Took it off and forgot to put it back on for the picture! Nightstalker leather Sporran from Stillwater Kilts.

I wanted to wear red kilt socks but the shades of red I have won't work with the shade of red in this turtle neck shirt. One is too bright and the other is more of a maroon. That is one thing that bugs me. I have a hard time matching colors. You don't have many colors to choose from in kilt socks. I like the Lewis style kilt socks but they only have a few colors. I guess I should try to find another red turtle neck shirt that is closer to the shade of the red socks I have.

Prior to putting on this kilt (USAKIlt Semi-Traditional in American Heritage tartan) I had on the denim Union Kilt in the previous picture, dark blue shirt.

Kilt On!

Daily Kilt Wear 12-17-2011 photo DailyKilt12172011a.jpg

Video On How To Sit In A Kilt

I ran across this video again on how to sit in a kilt. This video was done by a kilt rental company. I may have posted this before but I did not find the post so maybe not. One point not covered is standing up after sitting in a kilt. One would think that standing up would not be a problem but I see this problem over and over again. It comes from not sweeping the pleats correctly when sitting down. If you don't sweep the pleats under you, as shown in the video, the pleats will be bunched up under you. For those with short arms you may need to use both hands to sweep the pleats. Otherwise you will only sweep the the pleats on one side and the other side will be bunched up. You will still need to push that Sporran down in front so once you are all most down bring one hand forward to push down the Sporran. If the pleats are bunched up under you they will remain bunched up when you stand. From the back you will show more upper leg than you should. This looks bad. So, when standing take one hand and swipe across the pleats in the back to make sure they drop down. I see this problem on traditional tartan kilts as well as contemporary kilts like the Utilikilt.

The link above should take you to their video page. About half way down you will find the video "How To Sit In A Kilt".

Kilt On!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Female Version of "A Year In A Kilt"

My last post on November 26th presented a blog about a guy that will wear a kilt everyday for a year starting on his 50th birthday. I ran across a female version of this. Make sure you click on "Want More? See The Entire Wearathon" at the bottom to see the daily pictures. This lady got tired of wearing only jeans all the time. That appears to be the trend these days for men and women. So starting on Jan 1, 2011 she was not going to wear pants at all for a year. She has a photo of what she wore on every day of 2011. The year is almost over so I assume that will be the end of the daily posts. I hope the site remains up even if there are no daily posts.

What I find interesting is this lady appears not to have duplicated anything other than shoes/boots. I did not examine this in any detail but nothing stood out as a duplicate when I did a quick review of the pictures. She must have quite a collection of skirts/dresses or went into a mad shopping binge this year to accomplish this. That is the nice thing about a kilt. One kilt with different shirt and kilt hose and you have a different look any day.

I encourage the "Year in a Kilt" guy to post a daily picture of his kilt for the year. I may have to think about doing that. I wear a kilt about 50% of the time. Most days I have on pants for work then a kilt for the remainder of the day. So I am wearing one almost everyday even if only part of the day. I will think about it.

For today this is what I had on when I left the house. Later I will have to change this out to my old Utilikilt and a beat up shirt. I will be working on etching a printed circuit board and that can be messy.

Daily Kilt Dec 16, 2011, Union Kilt - Denim
Union Kilt

Kilt On!