Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tonight's Dinner Kilt

Went to dinner tonight at a local pub. I get the same young lady every time I go there. Today management put her on the other side so I was not at one of her tables. I got one of the other girls as my server. Much to my surprise Ashley came over to talk to me even thought I was not at her table. Power of the kilt dudes!

I did have on a Sporran when I went out. Took it off and forgot to put it back on for the picture! Nightstalker leather Sporran from Stillwater Kilts.

I wanted to wear red kilt socks but the shades of red I have won't work with the shade of red in this turtle neck shirt. One is too bright and the other is more of a maroon. That is one thing that bugs me. I have a hard time matching colors. You don't have many colors to choose from in kilt socks. I like the Lewis style kilt socks but they only have a few colors. I guess I should try to find another red turtle neck shirt that is closer to the shade of the red socks I have.

Prior to putting on this kilt (USAKIlt Semi-Traditional in American Heritage tartan) I had on the denim Union Kilt in the previous picture, dark blue shirt.

Kilt On!

Daily Kilt Wear 12-17-2011 photo DailyKilt12172011a.jpg

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