Sunday, July 4, 2010

Concert and Reunion

On Friday I attended the Weird Al Yankovic concert in Kettering (Dayton) at the Fraze. I wore my box pleat AlphaKilt and expected I would be the only one in a kilt. Got a "nice kilt" comment from a lady as I got near the gate. So far normal reactions. Once I got in the gate I spotted a Cameo kilt. Wow! this was the second kilt sighting in the wild this year. Dayton is coming up in the world. I walked over and introduced myself. Matt was wearing a kilt his wife made. Nice to know there are other "kilties" in Dayton. We could not chat long as it was time to get to our seats. My seat was next to a boy about 14 years old. He gave me a "what the #@^$ is that" look as I sat down. The concert was good. It was the first time for me to hear Weird Al on stage. I left via the side exit so I did not see Matt on my way out.

Now it is Saturday and I time for my 35th high school reunion. This was a casual event so I wore my American Heritage tartan USAKilt with a red shirt. I was sure this would surprise some of my former classmates but I figured it would be a good ice breaker. My class size was over 500 and this crowd was not the group I hung around with. We had about 175 at the event. Again, I expected to be the only one in a kilt. Wrong again. So now we have kilt number three in the wild. One of my classmates, that I did not remember, was wearing a contemporary kilt. I am not sure who it was made by. I wanted to talk to him to find out who he was. Was not sure if he was a classmate or a spouse of a classmate. He was on the other side of the floor and by the time I got over there he was gone. Someone else told me who he was and that he was unable to stay for the event. He was a classmate but I don't remember him. I sent him an email via Facebook so I will see if he responds.

The kilt was a great ice breaker at the reunion. As the evening went on and the ladies were influenced by a little alcohol it got even better! Gosh, in high school if someone told them that 35 years in the future they would be asking Mike what he had under the kilt they would have up-chucked at the thought.

Tomorrow is my local community parade, car show, and craft show. Will be kilted for that of course.