Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kilts at Hamvention

An update to the previous post.  The Amateur Radio convention in Dayton is now over for 2014.  As before, I attended in a kilt.  Wondering if I would be the only one.  The answer was NO.  Ran into three others.  One from Kentucky and two more that were vendors at the show.

The weather was just terrible!  Cold and wet.   A few days before it was sunny and in the 80's.  Good grief never fails.  Weather turns to crap just in time for the convention and then turns nice when it is time to close down the show.  So I had to change my intended kilt for this year.  I wanted to use one I had on in 2012 (see last post picture).  Nope, at the last minute went with the denim kilt from Union Kilts.  The next day I had on a kilt from HOS in the "Freedom of Scotland" tartan. 

 photo 2e0034de-748f-43c6-ad72-c9808692732a_zps5320c631.jpg

The other two gentlemen manning one of the vendor booths:

 photo Hamvention2014_006_zpsc00155e0.jpg

 photo a7311d94-0c47-473b-87c4-b128999f83d8_zpse0681b00.jpg

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

you never know where you will show up on Google

It is that time of year again: Dayton Hamvention.  This is a large gathering of Amateur Radio Operators in Dayton, Ohio.  I have attended every year since I was 13 years old.  This is my 44th year.  I have been wearing a kilt to the event for the past few years.  A kilt is rather rare at that event but I do see one or two some years.

Wearing a kilt does attract some attention and a few photographs are taken.  Some like it, some don't as you would expect.  Every now and then I run across a picture of myself on someone's web site.  This one is apparently from 2012.

W4TI wrote up a nice review of the 2012 Hamvention.  In that review is a picture of me in my kilt: