Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kilt Night Columbus Ohio

 We occasionally get together for what is called Kilt Night.  This is were a group of us in our kilts have dinner, go for drinks, or go for some other form of entertainment.  Last night took me to Columbus, Ohio for Kilt Night.  I have gone over there several times and we always have a good evening.  Normally there are three or of us.  Last night one guy came down from Cleveland and another new person from the Columbus area joined us.  We go to the The Pub Polaris on the north side of Columbus several times.  I don't know what it is about that place but we get more attention there then anywhere else.  During the evening we had several conversations with other patrons abut the kilt.  At this Pub the waiters all wear kilts so we are not unique from a kilt standpoint.  We are still somewhat unique in that not too may of the customers are in kilts.  We run into a few but on this night we were the only ones.

We were all standing around the bar and I noticed two ladies in a booth behind us.  One of the ladies got Jeff's attention and we must have spent an hour at their table.  They did not quite know what to think of the kilt. Must have had some impact for them to spend an hour with us. 

We found standing around the bar allows us to interact with others more than would be possible at a table.  This place was packed on a Friday night and many migrate to the bar area waiting for a table.

From an earlier visit to this establishment I had a photo similar to this one.  I made a 11" x 17" poster out of it with a Celtic Knot and some text about wearing a kilt.  I took copies to give to the guys that were in the original picture.  That poster was a hit.  It got passed around the staff.  Some of the girls in the photo were still working there.  I think that poster allowed us to making another picture. 

Without the kilt none of this would have taken place. 


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  1. Your kilt night's sound like a lot of fun, and of course as you say a kilt is a sure fired way to break the ice, and strike up conversations with complete strangers.

    I especially liked the photo at the end of your post.

    Kindest Regards,