Saturday, October 3, 2009

Consignment Shop

Last month a coworker need assistance in picking up a grandfather clock he purchased from a consignment shop. Since I have a van he asked it I could haul it home for him. I was glad to do so. Scott knows I wear kilts but has never seen me in one. It was on the weekend and I wear my kilt almost 100% of the time on the weekend. I was not about to change back into p@nt$. When I got to the shop Scott got out of his car and was not surprised to see me in the kilt. "I knew you were going to wear that". In the store he was looking around to gauge the reaction of customers in the store. He said he did not note any strange looks. We got the clock to his house. As we pulled the thing out of the van into his garage I told him all the neighbors were going to ask him why a cross dresser was delivering a coffin. This clock was a more modern style. A nice looking clock. Laying on its side in the van it looked like a thin coffin.

Today I went back to the consignment shop. I have an entrance way with nothing in it. There use to be a small curio cabinet with a mirror on the wall. My ex took that and I never replaced it. I thought about that shop so went to see if they had anything like it. They did but it was priced too high. At the end of the month the price will drop by half so I will go back and see if they still have it.

I wore my American Tradition kilt. As I walked in a young couple was near the door. The husband looked at me with that "what the hell" look on his face. His wife also looked at me but with no real expression one way or the other. As I was walking around the store (this is big place) she would comment on something I was standing next to. He would question why she commented on that particular piece of furniture as I would assume it was not something they were looking for. Was she doing that because I was standing there? I could hardly keep a straight face trying not to notice. I would like to know what their conversation was like going home. It made me think of a comment Shawn added to one of my posts last month. He commented that he wanted to get a T-shirt that said: "Go ahead and stare, your girlfriend is." That sure fit the situation today.

Kilts are so much fun.

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