Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Current Kilts

Kilts I currently own:
  1. Denim kilt from Union Kilts in the UK
  2. Irish National tartan acrylic standard kilt from Stillwater Kilts (Richfield, MN)
  3. Day kilt (tan solid color) from Celtic Corners (Cincinnati, OH)
  4. Semi-traditional American Tradition tartan from USAkilts (PA)
  5. Glasgow contemporary box pleat kilt from AlphaKilts (Indianapolis, IN)
  6. Compass contemporary knife pleat kilt from AlphaKilts (Indianapolis, IN)
  7. Utilikilt original contemporary kilt in black
  8. Heavy Duck Cotton kilt in olive green I got off of an Ebay vendor. 
  9. Clasic Forest Green contemporary kilt from Amerikilt
As for my favorite in the above list?  I like the day kilt from Celtic Corners in the summer.  It is light weight.   For the more traditional look I go for the American Tradition kilt.  I wear this in a casual mode, i.e. socks pushed down and wearing boots.   I also wear this more traditional for dinner outings with the kilt socks up and regular shoes.   The Utilikilt is a general knock around kilt around the house.  I wear the Amerikilt and the Utilikilt for Geocaching.  When it gets a little cooler outside I will start to wear the Alphakilts for general errands and outings.   The AlphaKilts are by far the best contemporary kilts I own. 
Kilts I want:
  1. A leather kilt.  I will probabaly get the one from Union Kilts out of the UK
  2. A 16-oz 8-yard wool kilt.  I actualy have one on order via the Brotherhood of the Kilt.  They had a special order made in that group's tartan.  It should be here soon.
  3. A mini-kilt.....with a young lady in it.

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