Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is under the Kilt

I have on occasion been asked what is under the kilt. Now what would happen if I asked a lady that question about her skirt? We can never tell you what is really under there. But if a lady should ask here are a few possible answers:

How badly do you want to know?
How warm are you hands?
Good girls don't ask, bad girls find out
A little later lipstick I hope
Play your cards right and you can find out.
Tell me madam, would you go jogging without a bra? If so, where do you jog and when?
Sorry, I'm a bit shy and not much good with words. Give me your hand...
Talcum powder
Bagpipes, wanna give 'em a blow?
It's the smallest airport in the world... 2 hangers and a night fighter
What is there won first prize.
Shoes and socks
A rope....I had to tie it up so it didn't hang below the kilt
What God graced me with
Nothing is worn, everything is in perfect working order

Now should a man ask:

Same as you only bigger
Your wife's/sister's/girlfriend's/mother's lipstick

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