Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kilted in a Pants World

First post in a new blog. Where do we start? Obviously from the title kilts will enter in the discussion at some point. Well ok, just about all of the posts will have something to do with kilts.

I like kilts. I like the Celtic culture. Ok I like Celtic culture but why wear the kilt? Why not just get some kilt pictures and hang them on the wall. Why not wear them? They are a MAN's garment. It is just western society has tired to lock in a "skirt" type anything to be woman's dress only. Sorry I don't buy it. If women wore only skirts well maybe I could accept that. While the kilt is technically a skirt it is historically recognized as a man's garment and designed for a man's body.

Well, then, only a Scott can wear it. If so, they I say only someone with ancestors from the western USA can wear jeans. By the way it was the Highland Scotts that originally wore the kilt. Not the lowland Scotts. Today the kilt is associated with all of the Celtic lands. I think this occured following the repeal of the Highland Act in the late 1700's. In addition when England unified all the areas that make up the UK today they adopted much of the traditions of those areas. The British flag for example has an "X" in it. Why? That comes from the Scottish flag. The kilt was also adopted in British culture. If you feel more comfortable knowing you have some ancestry connection to the kilt it would appear to me that Scottish, or any of the Celtic lands would be fair game. This also includes those of English ancestry. Personally don't worry about it. As we have said before, the kilt is a man's garment. That is all that is necessary.

Just to be mean I will toss this in. If I wanted to dress as a girl I would wear blue jeans.

Another reason for the kilt. Maybe men just need an alternative to wearing just pants. Maybe I don't like pants.

This blog will cover my experiences in wearing a kilt as everyday wear and not as a costume you might just see in a parade.

I have been wearing the kilt for at least two years. While I would never claim to be someone that would wear the kilt 100% of the time I could see myself wearing one maybe 50 to 75% of the time. Unfortunately work gets in the way since dress code spells out trousers for men. That is the limiting factor today.

Since I just started this blog I may talk about some situations that occurred in the past.

Just remember: Real Men Wear Kilts!!!

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  1. That's too bad about the work issue. When I started wearing kilts, I just showed up at the office one day. They got used to it. Now I'm kilted 100% of the time and I have no desire to go back.

    Good for you!