Sunday, August 23, 2009

Out and about today

Had to run a few errands this afternoon.  While waiting for paint to be mixed I noticed a little boy looking at me.  I was in my Alphakilt and that got his attention.  Not sure if he questioned his dad about what I had on.  I don't think he did at least while I was standing there.  We were both waiting for paint.  I am sure the boy had a question or two about the kilt.  I never know if I should initiate a conversation in this case or just keep my mouth shut. 
A while back I was in line at an auto parts store.  In front of me was a little boy with his dad.  The boy was looking at the kilt.  His dad spoke up and asked the boy if he knew what I was wearing.  He told his son that was a kilt.  I don't remember which kilt I had on that day.  Then the dad looked at me and said "I could tell my son was about to ask me why that man was wearing a skirt.  I thought I had better speak up first." 
I was picking up a package at UPS.  I had to sign something for it.  It was early summer and they had some young high school or maybe early college kids working there.   While I was signing for the box one of the young guys walked up to the counter.  There was no business reason for that young man to be there.  He had a look on his face that he wanted to ask me something about the kilt.  I had on my American Tradition kilt from USAkilts.  I should have said something in that case. 

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