Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saw Another Kilt!

I was driving home from a friends place this morning. Much to my surprise a young man walking down the sidewalk was wearing a black Utilikilt. He was walking with a young woman in my direction. It had been raining this morning so he was carrying a long umbrella. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong lane to pull into a parking lot. I would have liked to talk to him to see how often he wear the kilt and if he belongs to any of the kilt discussion groups. It is nice to see someone else in a kilt. Normally around here you see plenty of kilts at Celtic fests, St. Patty's day, etc. These guys just don't have the guts to wear one when they can't attach some excuse to doing so.

Changing topics. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Geocaching. The local Geocaching group is having a picnic. Unfortunately it is going to be raining so I hope the shelter is large enough to keep us dry. As usual I will be wearing one of my contemporary kilts. Not sure which one but I will have one of them. I even have a new t-shirt. It reads "Real men cache in kilts". Shows a cartoon drawing of a man in kilt next to a Geocach ammo can.


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