Thursday, March 25, 2010

Positive Comments

Two evenings about a week apart I went to dinner at a local cafeteria. I have gone there often for several years but mostly wearing pants. I have increased my attendance in kilts over the last six months. I believe I have talked about comments from this place before. This cafeteria is attended by an older crowd. For years I noticed an older man, by himself, eating dinner and reading a book. This guy looks familiar as I believe he was a member of a computer users group I belonged to many years ago. I never knew his name. I walked into the place wearing my USAKilts semi-traditional kilt in the Holyrood tartan. I sat on the other side of the room from where he was seated. I had to walk past his table to get to the other side. He did not appear to pay any attention to me. As I was eating dinner I noticed he stopped one of the waitress and pointed in my direction. I was not sure if he was actually commenting on the kilt or if that was just my imagination. I finished my dinner and was walking out. He got up ahead of me and went to the door. He waited at the door for me to walk through. At that point he made a comment about the kilt. He said he could identify about 30 tartans but not the one I had on. I told him it was a more modern tartan so that explained why he did not recognize it. He asked if I was attending any function. No, I just decided I wanted to wear my kilt. He was a little surprised by my answer. Not that he had any problem with it. He just never thought to wear kilt except for some function. He told me he had a Royal Stewart and use to belong to a few Scottish organizations. We chatted for about 15 minutes. As for the conversation with the waitress, he told me he asked if I got a discount for wearing my kilt. If so, he said he would wear his. I am sure we will have more conversations about his interest in kilts and Scottish culture in the future as I see him in the place a lot. I still don't know that man's name. I am bad with names anyway.

As I was chatting with the older man a lady came up and asked what tartan I was wearing. I told her and gave her a little history about it. So that night I had two very good experiences that would not have occurred if it was not for the kilt.

The next time I went to the cafeteria I had on my USAKilts semi-traditional kilt in the American Heritage tartan, blue shirt, and blue kilt hose. I sat down and was almost finished with dinner when a lady that had been sitting with her husband about 20 feet away walked over to me. I saw her walking in my direction and knew she going to say something. She asked about the tartan and said their family had Gordon and Williams in the family tree. She complemented me on the look.

Two great evenings out for dinner in the kilt!

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