Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Kilt, No Service

The month of February was rather cold in this part of the country. I got tired of the cold and did not go out much at least in the kilt. Warmer weather is now upon us so I have been enjoying more "kilt" time. I eat out a lot and one of the regular places I frequent I am in a kilt maybe 50% of the time. It is obvious they recognize me as the kilt guy. Last Friday I walked in with my USAKilt in the Holyrood tartan. I got some attention from the staff; more so then in the past. As I was seated the waitress brought out my ice tea without being asked. That is what I always order. That is the first time that has happened. Last night I went back there but in (heaven forbid) pants. This time no ice tea on being seated. I guess no kilt, no service.

To make up for the lack of kilt wearing during February I spent all of Saturday and Sunday running errands in my AlphaKilt. We will be even warmer this weekend but I have work duties that may limit my activities.

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