Friday, May 21, 2010

Kilts on a regular basis has its advantages

I frequent a local restaurant a couple of times a week. At least once a week I wear my kilt. That is normally on Friday evening. The staff on Friday appear to be the same ones every week for the most part. There are two that take a particular interest in the kilt. I got one of them tonight as my waitress. The other stopped by and and thanked me for wearing the kilt as she liked it. It appears she likes the USAKilt American Heritage tartan the best which is what I had on tonight. Wore it with a red shirt, black kilt hose, and red flashes. Tonight the kilt got more comments and looks from patrons than in the past. I did get a couple of "where is the bag pipe" questions. I guess that is better than the "other" question.

As I was finishing both of the young ladies walked up to me. I knew I was about to be asked something so for a few seconds I had to wait in suspense until they asked. You get that "oh crap they are going to ask me some thing" feeling. Turned out to be a simple question. They asked about tartan associations. Ok, simple enough, and I hope I answered them to their satisfaction and correctly.

When you wear a kilt on a regular basis the staff starts to know you and they feel more comfortable asking questions and making comments.

Tonight's experience was a good start to the weekend. I think this will be a good one.

Kilt ON!

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