Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kilt Pants – I don’t think so

This goes in the “kilt don’t” column. See this article from the "thestar online". Someone suggested guys should layer the bottom half of their wardrobe by wearing a kilt over pants. This is just the ticket for guys that want to wear a kilt but don’t have the balls to actually do so. I am not sure if this design results from the fear some guys with have with wearing anything that looks like a skirt. Maybe they think the pants cancel out the skirt so it is ok. Or maybe this is from the latest sin that a guy can not show any leg and heaven forbid if they wear anything tight above the knee.

If you want variety in what you wear then get a real kilt and wear it with pride. If you are a wimp then stick with just pants. This kilt-pants thing should only be worn by guys that have a sign on their forehead that confirms they are a wimp.

If you disagree feel free to post a comment. Comments are moderated but I do approve opposing opinions.

Kilt on!

1 comment:

  1. Pants and kilts... ummm sounds like an idea someone that hates kilts came up with to try make us look stupid.