Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Solid Green Kilt

I ordered a heavyweight solid green kilt from Stillwater Kilts. The kilt arrived today. This is actually my first heavy wool kilt. The color is a dark green. Now I have to figure out what to wear with it. I am not very good at picking colors that go together. I am the geek nerd you see wearing black pants with a navy blue sport jacket. Ok, so you see where I am coming from. One of the kilt boards I frequent have had many discussions of the color of kilt hose to wear with what. A lot of you can't wear that color because that is for pipe bands, or some other such reason as to why a particular color can not be worn. The problem is when I look for kilt hose I find very limited colors available. The last time I went for kilt hose I ended up getting solid color soccer socks from the local sporting store. They had more color options but unfortunately not the nice thick wool socks which are nice in the winter.

As for shirts I know different shades of the same color can be a problem. A very light shade of green may go with this dark green kilt. Other shirt color combinations that I think will work are off white or beige with kilt hose of the same color (or as close as I can get). For Christmas functions a red shirt and red kilt hose maybe? Of course the shade of red will never match between the shirt and hose. Maybe I am more concerned about this than I should be.

As for kilt jackets it appears you have black and that is about it. USAkilts have some argyle jackets in different colors. Those jackets are expensive so some have taken to modifying regular blazers and sport coats. I am game for that. The local Goodwill is an option for finding something to experiment with. I also found this website for blazers: . They have a lower cost jacket also. My thinking is to go with one of the red or burgundy colors for this green kilt?? I am taking a risk I may screw it up if this is my first jacket modification but such is a good education. There are articles on making such modification on the web and on the kilt forum I visit.

I have a second wool kilt on order from the BOTK group. It is a special order in a tartan they registered. It will have blue in the tartan so will need a jacket for it also. I want to wear that one for more dressed up occasions.

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