Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Question

No, not "that" question. I have been asked several times if there is a convention in town. Someone sees a kilt and assumes there is an Irish or Celtic festival in town. Today the lady that asked me that question did so for a different reason. I was the second person she saw in a kilt within the hour. I was in a craft store at the time. She had just come from a cell phone store down the street. Someone was wearing a kilt. That is about the third time someone has commented about seeing others in a kilt around this town. The lady liked my kilt. She made the comment that it looked to be very "freeing". Now we all know what she meant by that!
In a previous post I made a comment about hearing giggles in response to my kilt. I was in a contemporary kilt at the time. Today I was in my Irish National from Stillwater Kilts. As I walked into an isle of the craft store a lady turned around and with a surprised look on her face when she saw the kilt. I left the isle and came up the other side. Two other ladies joined the first. They were making some wise crack about the kilt. They apparently did not know I was on the other side of the isle. I was tempted to swing back around into their isle just to see what new expression I could catch on their face.

Speaking of that prior post, I did not go back to the movie theater as planned. I decided to wait until the next round of movies were released yesterday. I plan on going back on Tuesday as they have a discount that night.

Kilt on!

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