Friday, January 3, 2014

Kilt for the Cold

Got up this morning with the outside temperature at -1 F.  It may have gotten up to +12F.  At least it was sunny and no wind.  For that temperature a high yardage heavy wool kilt is required. For me that would be the 8-1/2 yard kilt I made.  It is 13-oz wool rather than 16 but that will have to do.

I have found that as long as you keep your head covered and the upper body warm the rest will take care of itself.  Unless of course you plan on spending all day in very cold temperatures with the kilt. For most of us the extent of our actual time in the cold is going from the car parking lot into a building.  I am not out in the elements that long for my legs to feel more then just the presence of the cold air.  Now add some wind at 10F which tends to pump any heat under kilt out and you will want to get inside without much delay.  For the most part this works with the coldest temperatures we get in southwest Ohio. This is my January 2nd and 3rd kilt of the day.  Earl of St. Andrews tartan, 8-1/2 yards, 13-oz wool.   Lewis kilt hose which has some percentage of wool and that sweater.  We also have about 5" of snow on the ground so a I added the Totes boots. They are a little big above the ankle so you can kick snow inside of the top of the boot if not careful.  They are insulated and warm however.

I was out several times today.  I am surprised no one made any comment about a wearing a kilt when it was 10 degrees. Yesterday someone did say I need "knee muffs".  I got a kick out of that.  I had on a hat and gloves so just my knees were exposed.  With no wind today I was not cold.  Just the feeling of the presents of the cold around my knees.  I wondered how long I could stay out in this temperature with no wind before I would feel the effects of the cold around my legs.  In the upper body I was plenty warm with my heavy coat, that sweater, gloves, and hat.  

So this is my kilt of the day for Jan 2nd and 3rd, 2014.

The temperature is expected to be below zero (F) Sunday night and into the first part of next week.  So I guess this kilt will be in the "kilt of the day" for a while as it is the warmest I have.

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