Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Kilt of 2014

This is the first kilt of the new year:

Stillwater heavyweight in dark green.

Last year I wanted to take a picture of each kilt I wore everyday. Since I wear a kilt almost everyday I thought that would be a good thing to do.  It was a good idea but a pain in the wazoo to actually do everyday.  It is now the new year so if I am going to do that for 2014 I need to start now.  Lets see how far I get this  year.  Don't hold your breath.

2013 was a good kilt year.  I wore a kilt almost everyday if not for the full day at least for part of it.  This works out to not wearing one to the office but after work, weekends, and those days I work from home or on vacation.  I did wear the kilt to the office several times but I tend to reserve that for special occasions. It does not take much for me to declare a specal occation.  Oh, they installed a new water cooler, must be a special occasion  ;)

I attended another kilt class this time on contemporary kilts.  In 2012 I took one on making traditional kilts.  This year I hope to make more kilts. I am starting with some tartan I have had for a while. Did not know what it was for the longest time.  Found out last year it is the "International Police Association" tartan.  I will post more as I get into making it.

I just finished a very little kilt.  It was made for a friends Ball Joint Doll.  I hope it fits as I have never actually seen the doll in person.  Went by measurements given.  Fortunately it did not take long to make this if I need to do it again. 

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