Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Play the Bag Pipes?

Maybe I should take lessons so I can answer that question in the affirmative.  Went to dinner at a local cafeteria.  The average age of the customers is about 95.  One of you young ladies that work there asked if I played the pipes.  I get that question a lot.  When I told her no she asked if I don't play then why was I wearing a kilt.  Maybe because I like them??  I need a t-shirt that reads something like "No I don't play the bagpipes but I do wear a kilt". 
After dinner I picked up a few things at one of the big box stores.  Got a few smiles from the ladies in the store.   Guys that don't wear the kilt are missing something. 
Kilt up lads!


  1. I get that all the time too, but I play the pipes. Why doesn't anyone ask if we play the drums... or compete as a heavy athlete?

    I've also thought about getting a shirt made... "Go ahead and stare, your girlfriend is."

  2. Good point. That would make a good t-shirt