Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ohio Renaissance Festival (Harveysburg, Ohio)

I was not able to attend yesterday so I ran over today.  Attendance was light at least around noon.  It was Sunday so that could have been a factor.  I normally attend on Saturday so I think everyone gets an earlier start as compared to Sunday.  Of course I am in a kilt.  There were a lot of kilts which I was glad to see.  It was a good turn out of kilts even though the official "Highland" weekend won't be until one weekend in October.  Father, Sons, and Friends were playing so that was a factor in being there this weekend.  Unfortunately the Limeybirds were not back this year.  One of their members came back doing a solo act.  Not bad, but not a funny as the three.  Their web site indicates one of the members has a health issue and they cancelled the 2009 tour schedule.  I wish her the best with her recovery.
I took my camera but ended up not taking any pictures. 
After one of the shows I spoke to a young man in a kilt.  He said he obtained his kilt here last year.  He was taking more of in interest in kilts.  I pointed him to two web sites that are kilt discussion boards.  He can go to these sites and get all of his kilt questions answered.  One is (  and the other is Brotherhood of the kilt (  A good group of people on both of these sites.  Please read the rules of both groups if you are going to join as there are some differences in the two sites.
When I left I stopped at a place called the Corwin Peddler as it was on my way home.  This is little restaurant along a bike way in Corwin, Ohio.  They also rent bikes.  I have been there a couple of times when I ride that particular bike way.  Most of the crowd on weekends are bikers stopping for a bite to eat or something to drink while on the trail.  That being the case my kilt sure stood out.  The owner is English so he took an interest in the kilt.  I had a nice conversation with him. One lady on a bike commented on the kilt.  Apparently her son just moved to Scotland. If I understood her correctly he is doing a sabbatical in language while in Scotland. 
If I had not been in a kilt none of these conversations would have taken place. 
Kilt up lads!!

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