Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

The town I live in holds a big festival on the 4th of July for Independence day. While it was in the mid 90's today the heat did not stop a lot of people from attending the event. The parade through town runs about 2-hours in the morning. The rest of the afternoon street vendors are setup on main street and bands play for entertainment. Later tonight will be the fireworks. I have attended in my American Heritage tartan kilt for the past three years. This is the first year I have spotted someone else in a kilt. A young man wearing a black Utilikilt. I have run across others that said they had a kilt but I guess none were brave enough to wear it. One young girl as me if I was hot. Well, I guess if I had been in a traditional wool kilt that may have been the case but I had on a lighter weight PV kilt from USAKilts. In the winter they will be asking if I am cold. You can't win. For those of you in the USA have a safe Independence Day.

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  1. Most people just want to talk about it. Why would you ask someone if they were hot in pants? You know they are. Men never asked women in the winter if they were cold when I was a kid. I have worn the kilt in winter and summer and sometimes it is just too hot for even my lightest but shorts trade one problem for another. In winter sometime it is just too cold but in pants it's still too cold.
    You are right, you can't win.