Saturday, July 2, 2011

At the Classic Car Cruise In

Comments and reactions of others is what makes kilts so much fun. Last night there was a classic car cruise in at a shopping center in town. I went down to looks at the cars. A guy I work with had his 66 T-bird in the show. I was in my kilt and the only one wearing one. Both of us were walking around looking at the other cars. My friend noticed that customers sitting along a window in a restaurant were all looking in the same direction. Some were pointing at something. My friend was looking around to see what got their attention. It was ME. I guess they were all surprised to see a kilt out there. My friend walked behind me to gage the reactions of others. Nothing negative was noted. More of a surprised look and comments about a guy in a kilt looking at classic cars. I got a couple of questions about the tartan (American Heritage). My "good girls don't ask...." t-shirt got a few laughs.

Good times.

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