Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Casual Kilts from Heritage Of Scotland

Added a couple of kilts to my collection so I can keep up with my "you can't have just one" philosophy. Based on a recommendation from a kilt blog I follow I thought I would try Heritage of Scotland for their casual PV kilt line. The intended purpose for these kilts are for more casual everyday wear so PV was desired. Placed the order and it was dispatched quickly arriving from across the pond via FedEx. The material is 85% Viscose Rayon and 35% Acetate Fiber. The kilt felt a little heavier than my other PV kilts but on the scale they both come in at 2 pounds for a 38" kilt. Out of curiosity I wanted to know how much material went into the kilt. So on a Sunday afternoon, with nothing else on my social calendar, I measured the material in each pleat and the entire kilt. Came up with a length of 6.5 yards.

The tartan on the first kilt they call "Freedom". I looked it up on the tartan registry and nothing listed with "Freedom" in the name that looked like this. I guess it is free of being registered so I assume it is just a fashion tartan. The second one I received is MacDonald.

This model only comes in a 24" length but it does have hem using a blind stitch. I normally try to get my kilts at 23" so it could be shortened but I probably won't.

I have been wearing the "Freedom" kilt all weekend. Received a few good comments. Both kilts will serve their intended purpose.

Heritage Of Scotland Freedom Casual Kilt


Holding the MacDonald

Inside of kilt

Hem from the inside which is done with a blind stitch.
HoScasualKiltInside label:

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